My feedback went up from 13 to 14

My feedback score  has moved up from 13 to 14 which keeps me at an yellow star until I get to a feedback score of 50.

My feedback score is a measure of my reputation on eBay. I am fascinated at how my world inside eBay will expand more as I get better feedback score and I will be allowed more sells and faster access to my payment inside eBay. So it is good to remember that each of our view of eBay is unique and personalized and we have total control over it based on our feedback score and continued engagement on eBay.

You can lookup at the detailed feedback of your buyers and people who bid for your items on eBay.

How eBay’s Feedback Score Compares with Social Reputation Scores and Ranks

Coming from the world of social media where I have thousands of followers but never bothered to look at my Twitter grader or Kred scores, I have began to lookup friends and their scores and find it fascinating how eBay respects every single feedback to build the reputation and trust between us as buyers and sellers.

This reminds me of Facebook’s Edgerank which calculates how you are connected to another user using an algorithm as a function of your interaction with that friend in terms of frequency and how recent was your interaction. Facebook does not share the edgerank you have with any friend and uses it to decide whether to show your facebook feed to that friend or not. eBay keeps it open and transparent and has an algorithm measuring the recent feedback as a percentage and overall scores showing the credibility built as buyers and sellers with each feedback added by the buyer or seller based on their experience on eBay.

You can look at how buyers see your feedback here at the Seller dashboard.  Also when you are bidding for an item, eBay shows the feedback scores of the other bidders under Bid History when you click on number of bids next to the current bid, but  they hide the bidder’s eBay id to protect their privacy.

eBay offers tips on what to do and what not to do as best practice for sellers here . My favorite is that you can offer free shipping and include shipping in the price of the item and get an automatic 5 star for shipping. Yay!

Foolproofing mismanagement of Feedback scores

eBay limits me to sell only 10 items per month which can go upto 50 once my feedback score goes up to the next level. This ensures from manipulating the system by making lot of quick sales to get feedback score fast!  There is also a Detailed Seller Rating Requirement to weed out sellers who do not keep their integrity on eBay.

I am sure we will revisit eBay Feedback again as I learn more. Let me know your experience or best practice of what has worked for you.


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